Widlyne Lopez, MSW, RCSWI

Specializes in: Minority Mental Health, Complex Trauma, Adolescent Mental Health

Widlyne Lopez obtained her undergraduate degree from Florida International University and graduate degree from the University of Central Florida in the field of social work. She has experience in working with children and families ensuring their safety and well-being while identifying and assessing their needs. Her current experience involves working with former foster youths to achieve their educational goals and to assist these youths in becoming self-sufficient and independent adults.

When providing guidance, compassion and support, Widlyne uses different methods to connect with individuals and families based on their situations. As a result, individuals and families build upon their strengths to overcome internal/external stressors and traumatic events. Widlyne’s greatest passion is helping families while assessing their needs for services through case management and access to available community resources. She has years of experience working with children, families and youths to improve their lives by enhancing their support system. Her goal is to educate clients and allow them to realize their own growing potential.

Widlyne is an aspiring licensed clinician who will be using culturally relevant methods and interventions to improve and enrich the lives of those she works with.

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