December 2, 2023

Focus Less On . . . In a world where “to be continued” is the name of the news day, we find ourselves trying to hang on by a thread to the words of political pundits. By day’s end, we are hopped on carbs and caffeine with no end in sight to the litany of poor choices made. That sluggish feeling creeps in and every self care routine known to man is flung to the side. It’s your body’s way of sounding the alarm that all is not well and flight/fright/freeze is your default response. Take a breath. Back away from the donuts and pasta. Slowly set down them “dranks”. The news cycle won’t change much, but your nerves will. It will zig zag all over the place and the exhaustion can overwhelm you. A healthier way of approaching an ever changing news and social media cycle is to manage your consumption. Focusing less on the things that can slip through your fingers (political climate, natural disasters, holiday planning) and targeting the specifics of which you can grasp a hold to (your sleep hygiene, eating habits, physical activity level) will switch things up for the better. Create a plan using some of these tips: Create a designated ten minute “worry time” in the morning to jot down and think about those annoying things that try to keep you up at night. Include more fruit and vegetables in your diet. Did you know that bananas are a quick mood lifter? Did you also know that leafy greens are great “brain protectors”? Whether you’re a dead weight lifter or casual walker, incorporate some level of exercise and physical activity in your weekly schedule. Don’t forget to cheer on your friends virtually through the exercise apps! Check in with your tribe on some level whether virtually or (socially distant) in person. Call up your therapist (they won’t judge the lapse in checking in) and catch them up on the latest going on with you. Research and vet out potential therapists that will best fit your current needs and concerns. While we ride this wave called 2020, the ebbs and flows will be unpredictable. Let’s pace ourselves while focusing LESS on the meaningless and more on the meaning FULL. Don’t forget to check our Instagram page for quick and relevant resources. Share with a friend!

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