Dr. Adrianne Jackson, MSW, RCSWI

Specializes in: trauma treatment of sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, career and graduate student stress, anxiety, women's issues and active duty and military veterans.

Adrianne is a registered clinical social work intern providing teletherapy from a strengths-based perspective. My PhD is in Higher Education Policy where I focus on campus sexual assault policy. Dr. AJ specializes in working with adults, couples, and families. My experience as a practitioner and a clinician, provides me with a unique skill set to assist my clients in reaching their goals. I specialize in the treatment of trauma, working with adults, children and active-duty military personnel and veterans so I have a myriad of experience that guides my practice.

There is no one size fits all approach to therapy. Seeking the assistance of a trained professional is the first step to changing the narrative of your current situation. My goal is to meet you where you are and we grow together in this wonderful world of therapy. Thank you for trusting me with this portion of your journey! I look forward to meeting you!

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