Our Founder...

Delphine Gervais, LCSW-QS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Qualified Supervisor (: Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington)

Specializing in Imposter Syndrome, Minority Women and Immigrant Mental Health, Anxiety & Depression, Corporate Wellness, Clinical Supervision.

Delphine believes that “BREAKTHROUGH” begins with self and continues with the guidance and support of others. As an EMDR-trained therapist, she approaches her work with individuals and organizations using a trauma-focused, trauma-informed lens.

Her over twenty years of experience evolved from early childhood and adolescent counseling to adult mental health therapy; it also includes elderly community-based intervention services, employment referrals services, non-profit leadership and management, faith-based intervention/prevention services. In the course of her profession she has worked in academia as an adjunct professor, dean of school culture and climate and a state certified school social worker.


As a corporate trainer, she specializes in presenting on imposter syndrome, mindfulness in the workplace, and emotional intelligence, among other topics. Delphine is of Haitian heritage and speaks Haitian-Creole as a second language speaks and offers counseling in Haitian-Creole. 


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